Stalione’s Recruitment Journey – Phase I

Stalione started its recruitment journey in the middle of June – July 2019 when we hired our first resource in Colombo. Before that, it was just one person within the organisation-The Global HR. However, the internship journey being a start-up took some time to establish a pool of recruits which began in September within the Australian market.

As a Global HR head, the vision was to form a global firm. Therefore, we ensured that along with experienced interns, a team of fresh graduates should be part of the team. We believed that young talent would bring new and innovative perspectives for the company. Henceforth, we started creating a team of experienced as well as fresh graduates with a multi-cultural background.

We interviewed multiple candidates before finalising the first batch of interns. Furthermore, the idea was to prepare them as per the industry standards. Therefore, as the need of the hour, the concept of ‘Learning and Development’ came into the picture. Stalione HR focused on retaining, motivating and then advancing the right candidates to the leadership positions.

Human Resource Coordinator on-boarded the Sydney team which marked as the Foundation for the Sydney team.  We started hiring and expanding the team. Along with the Human Resource team, we established other departments such as Finance, IT, BA and Marketing. Thus we got a team of dedicated personnel to handle each segment, who held good at prompt responses and delivering the highest quality of work.

On the other hand, intern retention was a bit challenging, and we had to let go of some of them. The primary reason held was the realisation of the difference between their objectives and the Organisation’s Aim.  As a learning, we realised that some of the interns were not corporate culture ready immediately. To acknowledge the same, Internship Model as per the Australian workforce standards was created, which accommodated our interns to adapt as per the industry standards. The founder wanted a team of Business Analyst who can do the process mapping to run the Stalione’s operation smoothly. Therefore, we started creating and expanding the BA pool.

The entire period of September through November was capitalised in hiring and structuring the team. Over the duration, we’ve built upon our expertise. As December approached, we could see a structured organisation, which is well designed in terms of the process, cultural fit and professionalism. Now that the organisation is approaching yet another year, we are looking forward to accommodating new challenges with mindful strategies and positive approach.

Revathy Sembuganathan
Global HR Partner – Stalione Group

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