Agile to cope with business issues

Agile has been the heart of many organisations, for the benefits achieved by applying its principles and methodologies. Being agile can be interpreted from different definitions. However, the Agile mindset has been a driven force behind a successful value delivery organisation, from a simple initiative to the complex project management.

Every organisation that values people, need to create an environment that allows changes with a stable momentum. An organisation should strive to evolve, and the best approach to manage the transition is by creating an environment that applies best practices and proven techniques that are applicable in any given context. Due to this, agile raises the flag of enablement assurance. It is using the critical elements of an agile mindset, which is inspecting and adapting.

When considering business agility, business agility allows an organisation to achieve a customer-centric approach. It is also the key for unlocking real value, delivering quality with efficiency and gaining an advantage over its competitors in the market. Business Agility enables rapid response to the change in the internal and external environment. It is thereby meeting customer needs without losing momentum or vision. The aim and goal of any organisation are to be able to deliver value within the right capacity putting the right amount of effort without any waste, to retain a substantial profit margin, which can be in the form of any asset to the organisation.

On the contrary, many organisations struggle to adopt an Agile into their environment. That is when the Agile Practitioners play their role to help embrace 5 the agile environment and support in the implementation of the agile concept, mindset and culture.

To deliver value to its customers, an organisation can address the business issues, by applying a business analysis methodology, framework, processes, tools and techniques. However, from an agile perspective, Agile business analysis uses continuous feedback and learning to prioritise delivery, minimise waste, and increase customer’s value. Therefore, Agile will provide the organisation with a competitive edge by applying the agile mindset, principles, processes, tools and conventional techniques.

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