Artificial Intelligence: The User’s Experience

Artificial Intelligence is commonly known as AI, is the stimulation of human intelligence in a machine. Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa is serving with the abilities of the personal assistant. AI has made these bots capable enough to operate through Google’s search recommendations, Gmail’s smart replies and Chatbots. AI has helped in improving everyday lives right from streamlining the process of enhancing Human Knowledge more than ever. There is no doubt about the fact that this comes with both risks and opportunities.

In terms of the risks, AI has the capability of increasing the gap between the rich and the poor. Also, with the growing technology AI is taking over the jobs, because machines can do the tasks better than the humans in terms of accuracy and speed. However, in terms of opportunities, the world will see more of the AI progressions, which will include but not restricted to the following:

Language translations 
In today’s multicultural society, we share hundreds of languages in miles distance. Tourists, immigrants or travelers have been talking in sign languages since ages. However, with the help of AI like language translators with an improved understanding of both written and verbal communication, people will have better experiences in international borders. Resulting in a better, natural and appreciative world.

Energy optimization 
In this ever-growing world, the generation has started to have a taste of resource scarcity. Thereby, with the help of AI and data science, engineers can help in designing green buildings with green energy production. Irrespective of the industry size, AI has a significant impact on engineering. AI helps in developing more efficient systems to conserve and use energy smartly. 

Nevertheless, even though the advancements are to make life better, but there are some areas where we need to look for to achieve true AI – ‘Technology with Consciousness’ as considered by the consumers.

Shefali Sharma
Marketing Manager –Stalione Group

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