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Stalione is your reliable technology partner. We meet with you to understand your unique needs. We analyze your complex problems, streamline processes and turn it into opportunities. Our technology driven team aims to deliver hassle free, responsive and agile customer experience for you. As your technology partner, we assist you in empowering your business.

That sounds bold. We agree.
So, how do we get there?

  • We are tech enthusiasts well grounded with latest technology and platforms
  • We focus to turn ideas into reality and continuously improve it
  • We are agile - we adapt and deliver fast
  • We are creative - we love challenges
  • We have flexible pricing - we cater to your needs
  • We believe in ongoing partnership with our clients
  • We act according to the code of ethics and integrity

Management Consultancy

Stalione works on the betterment of your business. We start with the natural process change to help you proceed with the restructuring of the firm.
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Recruitment Consultancy

While you are driving towards business excellence, behind the scene Stalione builds your team who holds your business wheels.
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IT Solutions

We build user-friendly software that solves your problems, caters your unique requirements and empowers your business.
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Stalione in Action.

Melbourne Brick
Melbourne Brick is the leading manufacturers of bricks in Sri Lanka. We have designed their logo and managing their social media pages.
Transport for NSW
Geological Survey of NSW project aims to provide a very user-friendly online bureau service, allowing the user to create template maps and reports for a range of purposes and output formats. Some of the critical responsibilities were requirement gathering, project planning, facilitating workshops and providing the solutions. Throughout the project, we followed the Agile methodology with MS Visio and Smart Sheet.
The project was focused on; to make the customers aware of the ASIC rules and regulation wherein, if the customer does not touch the money for seven years, the ASIC cease it. So, a process was brought in place by Stalione team wherein; the customers were made aware of the situation through thorough documentation and well-written script for staffs, which also helped the process in retaining the money. Throughout the restructuring of the project, we followed the Agile methodology with MS Visio and Smart Sheet.
Transport for NSW
Customer Channel Transformation Program (CCTP) at TfNSW – The purpose of this program is to detail the processes pertaining to the Data Service Tower with respect to the ongoing support of the website, following the completion of technical transition activities from Serco to TfNSW.

Our Suppliers.

TPG is one of the leading fixed broadband providers in Australia. With extensive and highly valuable on-net infrastructure, TPG offers products backed by world-class fibre and next-generation networks. We provide a diverse range of communication services to residential users, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), government, large corporate enterprises and wholesale customers. TPG offers nationwide NBN, ADSL2+, Fibre Optic and Ethernet broadband access, telephony services, SIM Only Mobile plans and various business networking solutions.

We Are Supporting

Sustainable NE – Not for Profit Association incorporated in Australia. Supporting suicide prevention and mental health activities among people recovering from the effects of the long drawn out war in Sri Lanka. Providing grant and know how to develop organic farming in Sri Lanka, that positively impact on the health and wellbeing of the people. Supporting programs and activities to protect the environment and natural resources in Sri Lanka. Sustainable livelihood and economic empowerment programs for people, particularly women and the disabled resettling after the end of the war in Sri Lanka.

From The Blog.

Agile to cope with business issues

Agile has been the heart of many organisations, for the benefits achieved by applying its principles and methodologies. Being agile can be interpreted from different definitions. However, the Agile mindset has been a driven force behind a successful value delivery organisation, from a simple initiative to the complex project management. Every organisation that values people,

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WordPress- what we use and how we create!

WordPress is an open-source content management system which is a user-friendly time saving the software. They have various plugins. For example, if we need to create a form, there is no need to create hundreds of the lines of code, WordPress will do that for you. Additionally, we can track the visit and shape the

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Artificial Intelligence: The User’s Experience

Artificial Intelligence is commonly known as AI, is the stimulation of human intelligence in a machine. Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa is serving with the abilities of the personal assistant. AI has made these bots capable enough to operate through Google’s search recommendations, Gmail’s smart replies and Chatbots. AI has helped in improving everyday lives

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